Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fencing is a fantastic option for homeowners who want a combination of strength, beauty and security. Hulme Fence products will complement a property's architecture and landscape design while providing safety and boundary definition. Aluminum fencing is available in a wide variety of grades, styles, colors and heights. Aluminium fencing will not rot or rust, needing very little upkeep and maintenance over time. This specific type of fencing is built to last for years and impress any onlookers.

aluminum fence

Aluminum Fencing Benefits

Are you on the fence about aluminum fencing? Wonder no more! Our long-lasting aluminum fences will give your home or commercial property more security and curb appeal and it will last for decades to come!

Aluminum Fencing Features

The patented Solarguard® technology is infused into all of our ActiveYards® fences during manufacturing and will keep your aluminum fence vibrant and looking as good as new while securing your property.

Maintenance and Care

Aluminum fences are resistant to mold and mildew and need very little maintenance over time. Grass clippings and dirt can accumulate so we recommend spraying down with a garden hose each spring.

Why Customers in Methuen, Massachusetts Prefer Aluminum Fences

Many customers prefer aluminum fences for residential yards and commercial lots in Methuen, Massachusetts. At Hulme Fence, you'll save money on aluminum because it's inexpensive and very durable.

No Chemical Treatments For Aluminum Fences

When it comes to building construction, there are many dangerous chemicals and materials used. It's better to use natural products and minimize the toxins that pollute the air in Methuen, Massachusetts. Aluminum fences are a healthy and eco-friendly fencing choice because they eliminate chemicals that can harm you, your family, and the environment. They are designed to last and withstand weather and age. Aluminum fences don't need to be repainted or stained. They don't require any sealants or flame retardants like wooden fences do. Different types of wood and metal fences require harsh chemicals in order to maintain their look and resilience, and unfortunately these products emit toxic fumes. No coatings or sprays or other harsh chemicals are used to treat aluminum fences. Another benefit to low maintenance aluminum fences is that they're easy to clean by spraying with plain water.

Aluminum Fences Can Be The Most Stylish

Don't get the wrong idea about aluminum fences. If you're picturing an ugly chain link fence, you should visit our Hulme Fence showroom in Methuen, Massachusetts and see how stylish aluminum fencing can be. There is a wide selection of aluminum fencing styles, and it's easy to find one that compliments your home or business. A stylish aluminum fence can enhance your curb appeal and increase your property value. Aluminum fences pair especially well with contemporary styled homes. To give a more stately look, add a fence post cap in an ornamental design or picket-style.

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