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Top 3 Questions asked at Hulme Fence in Methuen, Massachusetts

Your town has code requirements in place that impact what you can build on your residential property. Whether you live in Methuen, Massachusetts or another town, you should learn about local building codes as well as any HOA or community regulations. You'll also need to know exactly where your property ends on all sides. Beyond that, consider the age of all children and abilities of pets that will be present on your property. These factors will help you to choose the perfect residential fence to protect your home and keep everyone safe and secure.
Before you buy a commercial fence, check into the building codes for your regional municipality and state. We provide some of this information on our Hulme Fence website, but you can find out more specific information by doing a quick search online. You can also ask our fence installation technicians because after 15 of experience, we know most of the building codes by heart.
We carry a variety of aluminum fences and gates at our Methuen, Massachusetts store, and they come in different sizes and heights. The ActiveYards line has 3'-6' tall walking or driving gates. Walking gates can be 3'-5' wide and driving gates can be 6'-16' wide.

Get Your New Fence Covered Under Warranty

Since 2003 we've installed and repaired a ton of fences around Methuen, Massachusetts and nearby towns. A professionally installed, high quality fence really should last for a lifetime, but that's not always the case. Sometimes, there are flaws in the hardware or fencing materials that impact the longevity of the fence. It's a rare problem to see but it always helps to have a fence that is covered under a warranty.

Beyond what we cover under fence installation services at Hulme Fence, there are additional manufacturer warranties offered through ActiveYards that will give you peace of mind.

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Hulme Fence is the number one place to buy fences for your home or business in Massachusetts. We carry the best brands in residential fencing and we have a huge variety of commercial fencing options, from design to installation. Since 1993 we have been serving local customers and our reputation is exceptional. We are leaders in vinyl fences and aluminum fencing products and we offer professional fence installation services. Shop our selection of privacy fencing, high security fencing, decorative fencing, and pool fencing options.

For personal assistance, stop by our showroom in Methuen, Massachusetts or call to set up an appointment with one of our fence design specialists.