Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is a great option for homeowners who want the look and feel of traditional wood without the hassle of continued maintenance and repairs. Vinyl fencing typically lasts much longer than wood and is considerably stronger. Vinyl is also easy to clean with basic household materials, cutting down on time and frustration. We have a wide selection of high-quality vinyl fencing solutions to choose from in a variety of styles and sizes. Vinyl fencing is a great investment for homeowners looking to enhance the aesthetic and security of their property.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl Fence Benefits

Choosing a vinyl fence will minimize your environmental impact for several reasons, including its longevity. Other fences need to be replaced every 10 years or repainted to cover rust or corrosion, but ActiveYards vinyl fences stay in like-new condition for decades. Plus, vinyl fencing can be recycled!

Vinyl Fence Features

Our high quality vinyl fences will provide security and privacy to your property through our innovative Glidelock technology which leaves no gaps between pickets. You can create the yard that appeals to you and keep it as private as you want!

Maintenance and Care

Solarguard treatments protect our vinyl fences from sun and heat.Vinyl fences do not require any pre-season winterization but you should try to keep a large amount of snow from accumulating against the fence.

Great Benefits to Installing Vinyl Fences

Vinyl Fencing is a popular choice for customers in Methuen, Massachusetts and the surrounding area. At Hulme Fence, we often recommend vinyl fences because they are low maintenance, customizable, and safe to use.

Vinyl fences are simple to clean

Maintaining the pristine look of a vinyl fence is much easier than the other fence materials such as metal and wood. There is no need for a power washer or harsh bleaching detergents in order to maintain the condition of your new vinyl fence. Vinyl fences can be easily cleaned with a garden hose and basic household cleaning products. A garden hose alone will typically remove any dirt and grime that appears on vinyl fencing. For the tougher spots, or to remove a grease stain, you can use a towel with warm water and dish soap to clean your vinyl fence. Hulme Fence in Methuen, Massachusetts can offer further information on maintenance and cleaning tips for your vinyl fence. Whether you're installing a vinyl fence around a pool, around a residence, around a dog house, or at your place of business, it will be very easy to keep your new fence sparkling clean.

Various height options for vinyl fencing

In addition to the many color choices available for vinyl fences, customizing the height and shape of your fence design is also an benefit. The tops of the vinyl fencing can be shaped to swoop down in the middle or vary in height from one post to the next. Ranch-style vinyl fences may vary with how many rails are included in each post. Vinyl is a very easy material to work with and can cut easily to fit individual needs of the customer. It's possible to develop a fully customized fence shape for customers with unique needs and preferences. Visit Hulme Fence located in Methuen, Massachusetts for help with designing and building vinyl fences.

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