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We are proud to be an authorized distributor of ActiveYards® aluminum fencing and vinyl fencing. The leading American manufacturer of low maintenance, lifetime warranted fencing systems - ActiveYards delivers superior performance, beauty and style at a competitive price.

Massachusetts Privacy Fences

Privacy fencing in Methuen Massachusetts


Select the privacy fencing you need at your Methuen area property from the professionals at Hulme Fence. Each of our privacy fencing options come in a variety of styles in both wood and vinyl materials that can match your space and provide all of the benefits you need. Massachusetts residents love our fences to create privacy for their homes, giving their children and pets a safe undisturbed place to play. Business owners we know also come to us for privacy fencing for their clients' protection or to protect materials and equipment they may have stored on site.

Increase your level of comfort and safety with the privacy fencing options available today from Hulme Fence. Our team is here to help you through each step of the process to find, design, and install the perfect fence for your home or business.

Let our experts Help!

When you have questions, our team has answers! Reach out to Hulme Fence for all of your fence related questions across Mass & New Hampshire. Our friendly staff is ready to help you get on your way to find the best fence for you.

Privacy Fencing Options


Vinyl Semi-Privacy Fencing

Vinyl Horizontal Privacy Vinyl Fencing with Decorative Screen Panel Top

Choose this contemporary vinyl fence look with its horizontal boards and accented semi-private screen panels at the top for an added decorative, unique embellishment.

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Vinyl Semi-Privacy Fencing

Vinyl Solid Privacy Vinyl Fencing

Opt for a more traditional look with the solid privacy vinyl fencing that comes in a range of heights and colors. This is one of the most popular types in Methuen!

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Vinyl Semi-Privacy Fencing

Vinyl Horizontal Solid Privacy Vinyl Fencing

Full privacy can be achieved with a solid horizontal privacy fence in Methuen, Massachusetts. This style is available in two widths and is a great option for pools.

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Vinyl Semi-Privacy Fencing

Vinyl Louvered Privacy Vinyl Fencing

Try this unique look for beautiful privacy fencing that still allows for air to pass through the horizontal boards at an angle, making it great for air circulation and properties that experience lots of windy weather.

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Wood Privacy Fencing

Wood Privacy Fencing

Wood fence is a classic way to create privacy at your Methuen, Massachusetts property. You can paint or stain your naturally, beautiful wood fence to match your home however you please!

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Creating Your
Backyard Dream

Whether we are installing an aluminum, vinyl, chain link, or wood fence for your home, we are glad to be a partner with you creating your dream yard and safe space.

Thank you for considering Hulme Fence for your family's privacy and protection.

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Buying a Fence in Methuen, Massachusetts

Our Easy Process

When it comes to buying a fence, we have simplified the process and created an easy 3-step system. Since 2003, our team at Hulme Fence in Methuen, Massachusetts has provided a wide selection of fence types and styles and served our surrounding communities with the highest level of customer service. Speak to our team to get started on your fence project today!

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Buying a fence step 1: Measure the property
Measure Your Property

On your own or with support from our expert team, get the correct measurements of your property to determine the amount of materials you will need and help us calculate your most accurate quote.

Buying a fence step 2: choose a fence style
Select a Fence Style

Browse through the options of fence types and choose the perfect style to fit your needs and preferences. Our design team is well-trained to know what fences are the best possible fit for you and can help you make your decision.

Buying a fence step 3: Delivery & Installation
Delivery and Installation

Whether you would like to install your fence on your own, or you would like to hire our team to do it professionally, we can help with getting you the right materials or with scheduling our team to complete your fence install.

we can help!

Ready for your new fence in Massachusetts or New Hampshire? We offer a complete line of fencing products for your consideration, as well as custom installations. Hulme Fence is here to help! Our team of fence experts can help answer your questions about all things "fence." Whether you're looking for privacy fencing, security fencing, pool fencing or a decorative fence, we can provide you with the best options for your home or business space.

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