Like many people in the Methuen, Massachusetts area, you probably started dreaming of owning a home as soon as you reached adulthood. When you finally reached that monumental goal, your next step was to begin some home improvements like installing new kitchen cabinets, adding beautiful landscaping, and even installing an attractive fence. 

One of the most popular and beneficial home improvements for many homeowners is to install a custom privacy fence. There are many advantages to installing a Massachusetts privacy fence and we’ve put together a list of the best perks for you!

Privacy Fences Keep Your Children and Pets Safe

Your family’s well-being and safety are always at the top of your priority list and a strong privacy fence can give you peace of mind when your kids go outside in the backyard to play. A Massachusetts privacy fence keeps them in your yard and unwanted strangers away. It will also provide a boundary for your outdoor living spaces so you and your family can enjoy some time together without the whole neighborhood looking in. 

A privacy fence also provides a defined perimeter so you can give your pet a safe place to roam without the worry of your furry friend wandering off to greet everyone he sees. For pet owners and families with young children, a privacy fence is an ideal solution.

Weather Protection with a Privacy Fence

Perhaps more than any other type of barrier, a privacy fence will offer you some much-needed shelter from the elements! A solid, vinyl, privacy fence or a wood privacy fence can act as a windbreaker, protecting you and whatever is enclosed inside your fence from the effects of strong winds and stormy weather. You can be sure that your landscaping, garden plants, and any outdoor furniture can be kept safe in the boundary! Not only that, but will often also offer shade from the sun, depending on the positioning of the fence and your home.

Mark Property Boundaries with Privacy Fencing

The old adage that good fences make good neighbors is especially true when houses sit close together. No matter how much you like your neighbors, your family still needs to have privacy and be able to venture out into your yard to relax without constant interaction. A privacy fence provides that space for you, so you can enjoy some family time and lets you control when to invite your neighbors onto your property. 

A fence can also outline exactly where your property begins and ends, prevents your neighbors from encroaching on your land, and keeps trespassers off your property. When you use it as a border, a fence gives you a great visual reference so you know how much space is remaining on your property if you are planning renovations or additions to your house. You might want to add a swing set for your kids or an inground pool, so knowing the size of your property will help you better determine the space you have to work with.

Comfortable, Personal Space with a Massachusett Privacy Fence

Your yard should be a private sanctuary from the outside world, and your fencing should be strong and sturdy enough to keep it that way. Installing a privacy fence in Methuen, MA is the ideal way to create a private and cozy atmosphere on your property. Having a privacy fence in your backyard is a great idea whether you want to have a gathering with friends or just want a safe place for your kids to play.

If seclusion is what you’re after, Hulme Fence has a variety of attractive styles to choose from that will transform your yard into your own personal sanctuary. Our privacy fences go together easily, locking tightly into place without any gaps which ensures superior strength and durability.

Decide what’s right for you – whether it’s the complete seclusion you’re searching for or a design that lets the light shine through, Hulme Fence has the perfect solution to meet your needs and your budget!

Noise Barriers Created by Privacy Fences 

When you’re relaxing in your yard in Massachusetts, the last thing you want is to hear loud, intrusive noise from nearby areas. If your home is near a busy road, park, or other public gathering space, a privacy fence can really help dull the noise that carries over onto your property. Because these kinds of public spaces also bring more foot traffic near your house, you will also appreciate the additional security that privacy fencing provides.

A Massachusetts privacy fence can also help keep your backyard party from disturbing your neighbors which will benefit both you and your neighbors in the long run. Being a considerate neighbor is the right thing to do, and with a privacy fence, it’s that much easier!

A Massachusetts Privacy Fence Adds Value to Your Home

Throughout Massachusetts, an attractive and well-built privacy fence may increase the value of your property in several ways. For starters, the aesthetic value a privacy fence can provide will give you an advantage if you decide to sell your home. A potential homebuyer will also likely appreciate a border fence, especially for the backyard space. If a buyer has children or pets, they’ll be happy to see that there is already a fence on the property to keep their family safe.

Massachusetts privacy fences may also add value by decreasing your homeowner’s insurance premium and depending on the company, the extra safety that a privacy fence offers may drastically decrease your insurance cost. Always check before arranging the installation of your fence to see what their policies are and what benefits you may receive. The addition of a privacy fence not only adds value to your house but it shows that you take pride in your property!

Variety of Privacy Fences for Massachusetts Property Owners

Massachusetts privacy fences are available in a variety of materials, styles, and levels of personalization. Premium vinyl fences, chain-link fences, and wood fences have options for improving their properties’ privacy.

  • Our vinyl privacy fences are available in many sizes and colors, so you can create a look that is distinctly your own. A vinyl fence is a strong, attractive, and extremely low-maintenance option, making it the top choice of our customers. 
  • Chain-link fences are also available in a PVC coated option and privacy slats come in several colors to keep out unwanted views. 
  • Wood fences add a natural option that can blend into your landscape and stand strong and solid.

For a detailed view of our #1 seller for privacy fences, visit our Privacy Fence page where you can see many of the styles we offer. Start by looking through our gallery of finished fencing projects for ideas for your privacy fence.

Secure Privacy Fences for Massachusetts Property Owners

A privacy fence by Hulme Fence in the Methuen area offers the best level of security for both residential and commercial properties. You won’t be visible from outside your property, and it serves as a definable line that can’t be crossed. Intruders may not be completely deterred by a privacy fence, but they will be put off by the difficulty of getting in and out of your property. Additionally, you may choose to add additional security measures like cameras and barbed wire to your privacy fence for added defense.

Methuen, Massachusetts Privacy Fences are Strong & Durable

Privacy fence materials in Methuen, MA, each have their own advantages and considerations. 

Vinyl privacy fences, for example, can survive strong winds and weather without fading or warping because of their durable material design. They require virtually no maintenance, last a long time, and look great while doing so.

A chain-link privacy fence’s galvanized steel framing and composition have made it a popular choice for Massachusetts homes and businesses because of its long-term durability and minimal maintenance costs.

Our wood privacy fences are available in three grades of cedar as well as spruce. Wood privacy fences do require much more maintenance but do add a natural aesthetic to your property.

Get the Benefits of a Massachusetts Privacy Fence with Hulme Fence!

No matter which material you choose for a privacy fence, you’ll want to make sure you work with a fencing contractor that uses quality materials and provides expert installation. At Hulme Fence, we set our standards high AND we offer a 1-year workmanship guarantee! You can contact us on our website or call us today at (978) 258-3915 for answers to your questions so you can get started on your project plans. We’re here to help!