If you are in the market for a new fence, but you want something a little different than the everyday run-of-the-mill fence that is common in your neighborhood, then the pros at Massachusetts fence company, Hulme Fence, are here to help. Our metal fence options are attractive, offer great security, and provide you with an open style that doesn’t block the views around your property. Keep reading for our top reasons why a metal fence might just be the solution you need.

5 Reasons Why an Aluminum Fence Might Be Right For You:

If you would like to elevate the look of your property with an attractive and customizable fencing option, look no further than aluminum fencing! Aluminum fencing has become a very popular option for the following five reasons. 

  1. Aluminum Fencing is Customizable

Unlike other metal fences like chain link, aluminum fencing comes in a wide range of styles and designs. This benefit makes it easy to find a fence style that complements your home and property’s look and feel. Whether you’re going for a classical or modern style, understated or ornamental, a Massachusetts residential fence made from aluminum is the way to go.

  1. Aluminum is a Wise Investment

One of the greatest advantages of aluminum fencing is its affordability. While other similar types of fencing can come with a hefty price tag, aluminum fencing is often much less expensive while still offering a similar look to that of wrought iron. And due to its low maintenance requirements, the lifetime cost of ownership for aluminum fencing is typically lower than that of other materials.

  1. Aluminum Fence is Durable

In addition to being cost-effective, aluminum fencing is also long-lasting and strong. Unlike wrought iron, which can rust and corrode over time, aluminum fencing is able to stand up against the elements. Its chemical composition resists rust and won’t fade in the sun or rot over time. And because of its durability, aluminum fencing requires little to no maintenance over its lifetime, which can span up to fifty years!

  1. Aluminum is an Environmentally-friendly Option

If one of your concerns when considering a fence is that it’s environmentally friendly, then aluminum fencing is a great choice. Aluminum is recyclable, making it one of the most sustainable fencing materials available.

  1. Aluminum Fencing is Very Low Maintenance

Since aluminum isn’t prone to rot, rust, or fade, it’s likely that you won’t need to perform much maintenance over the lifetime of the fence. An aluminum Massachusetts residential fence will stand up well to the state’s cold winters, high winds, strong storms, and blowing debris without any trouble. If your aluminum fence is installed by a highly-rated Massachusetts fence company, then it will rarely require touch-ups or repairs.

5 Reasons Why a Chain Link Fence Might Be Right For You:

If you are in the market for a fence that is practical, affordable, and provides safety and security for your family and your pets, then a chain link fence may be the right choice for you! Here are five reasons why.

  1. A Chain Link Fence Offers Security

One of the main reasons families install fencing around their homes is for security. If you have young children or pets, then this is likely a top priority for you. A chain link fence offers a solid and secure boundary around your yard, allowing your children and pets to run and play freely.

  1. Chain Link Fence is Affordable

Compared to the cost of other types of fencing, chain link fence is a very affordable option. Because material costs are lower, these fences are much more affordable. Vinyl, wood, and aluminum are considerably more expensive, making chain link fencing a great choice if you are trying to stay within a conservative budget.

  1. Easy Installation of Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences can be installed much more quickly than aluminum or even vinyl fencing, meaning installation from your Massachusetts fence company is typically less expensive. Additionally, in the case that you need to replace your fence in the future, it will be a quick and simple process. 

  1. Chain Link is Low Maintenance

Chain link fencing is made from galvanized steel which is rust-resistant. When coated with PVC, it is even more resilient to rust and has an upgraded look and feel. Maintenance for a chain link fence consists of a quick brush down with a broom or a light rinse with a hose.

  1. Chain Link Fence is Long-Lasting

Chain link fencing lasts for many years because it’s incredibly sturdy and resistant to both damage and harsh weather conditions. While fences made out of natural materials like wood tend to degrade as they age, a metal fence that is protected using powder coating or PVC will easily stand the test of time. When you consider the long lifespan of a chain-link fence, the cost per year goes down considerably when compared with other types of fencing. For this reason, it’s an even more affordable investment in your home.

A Metal Fence from the Top Massachusetts Fence Company

Metal fencing is a popular choice for its modern and appealing appearance, as well as its ease of maintenance. With its strong and durable construction, a metal fence from Massachusetts fence company Hulme Fence provides both stability and an attractive addition to your property that can outlast other forms of fencing. Among the variety of stylish options we have available, we also offer a range of DIY materials if you’d prefer to install a fence yourself.

Choose a Professional Company to Install Your Massachusetts Residential Fence!

Once you’ve decided on what type and style of fence you are going to install, don’t settle for just any Massachusetts fence company. Choose the pros at Hulme Fence! Our team of experts can help you select the perfect style and design to complement your property and enhance its overall value. You can reach out to Hulme Fence today by phone at (978) 258-3915, or you can contact us on our website to learn more about our metal Massachusetts residential fence options in both aluminum and chain link. We’re here to help and look forward to speaking with you soon!