Does the thought of installing a brand-new fence sound a little daunting? Hulme Fence is a top-rated Massachusetts fence company whose team are experienced experts in the fence industry. They are eager to help you with your new project from design to completion. Here are seven ways to make it easier for you as you prepare for your new fence installation.

#1: Communicate With Your Neighbors

If you want to maintain a great relationship with your neighbors, let them know beforehand that you are planning to install a new fence. You aren’t obligated to divulge every detail, but by giving them the respect of a ‘heads up’ you lessen the risk of friction or stress as you move forward with the project. If the fence is going to be installed along a shared property line and will benefit your neighbor as well as you, they may even offer to split the cost. A definite win for all parties involved! 

#2: Verify Your Property Lines

If you aren’t in possession of records that show up-to-date boundary lines for your property, it would be advisable for you to reach out to your local city or county office before you contact a Massachusetts fence company.  You also have the option of hiring a qualified land surveyor, although this may be a more costly and time-consuming option. It is vitally important to know where your property lines are before starting a Massachusetts residential fence project. 

#3: Check Your Local Regulations

Whether you live in a community that operates under a Homeowners Association (HOA) or are only subject to local city and county government, there are most likely specific laws and rules that will affect your new fence project. Whatever your situation, it is your responsibility to research all of the restrictions regarding fence height, materials, color, and design before you contact a Massachusetts fence company. 

#4: Choose Your Fence Details

Once you’ve done your due diligence and are familiar with the approved style and materials for your fence, you can start the process of working with a Massachusetts fence company. Hulme Fence has a wide variety of residential fencing materials available. When looking at the selection, take some time to consider the style and color of your house. This will help you to choose a fence that will complement rather than clash with your existing home.  residential fencing

#5: Contact Local Utility Companies

Before moving forward with your Massachusetts residential fence installation, it is imperative that all underground utilities are located and clearly marked before breaking ground on your project. You can facilitate this simply by reaching out to your local utility company. They will come and mark any underground lines for you. While any reputable Massachusetts fence company will be familiar with this process and know the requirements, it’s your responsibility as the homeowner to make sure that all utilities are located and marked.  

#6: Clean and Prep the Fence Installation Area

When you have completed the previous steps and scheduled your fence installation, take some time to clean your yard and prepare for installation. Make sure there are no major obstacles in the way, clean up any toys that may be in your yard, remove dog waste, and mow the grass if needed. Properly preparing for fence installation will make the project go more smoothly. 

#7: Choose a Top-Rated Massachusetts Fence Company 

New fence installation is a big investment for your home or business. That being the case, you need to choose wisely when looking for a company to work with. Hulme Fence offers quality workmanship with friendly and professional service. With twenty years in the fencing industry, Hulme Fence has become a name their clients can trust. 

Let’s Get Started with Your Massachusetts Residential Fence Installation

Now that you know how to prep for a new fence installation, it’s time to get started! Hulme Fence is ready to answer any questions regarding your fence installation and to help you find the perfect fence for your new residential or commercial project. Call us at (978) 258-3915 or contact us online. We look forward to hearing from you soon!