When you are looking to update or install a brand new fence, searching through the available options can be overwhelming. Whether you are looking for privacy fencing, pool fencing, or decorative fencing, it’s important to choose a top-rated Methuen, MA residential fence company, like Hulme Fence. We are an authorized ActiveYards dealer and this article will explore the most popular styles of vinyl fencing that we offer so that you can find the perfect fence for your property. 

ActiveYards’ Vinyl Gives a Clean Look & Custom Options

Vinyl fencing is low maintenance, fade-resistant, attractive, and functional, making it the top choice for Massachusetts residential fencing property owners who want to increase curb appeal and reduce maintenance. We proudly offer ActiveYards’ vinyl fencing, which uses StayStraight® Rails, StaySquare® Gates, and GlideLock® patented installation design. These unique design elements offer several benefits, including ensuring that your fence does not sag or bow, that each picket locks into place with no gaps, and that your fence remains strong and durable for years to come. Our fences are covered by ActiveYards’ Limited Lifetime warranty as well as our 1-year workmanship warranty. 

These fences are available in several colors, finishes, and styles, including some that look like wood. Additionally, you can customize your fence by choosing from several types of fence post caps. Whether looking for Massachusetts residential fencing or commercial fencing, you are sure to find something that reflects your creativity and style. 

The following styles are the most popular options of vinyl fencing offered by ActiveYards:  

Vinyl Privacy Fencing in Methuen, MA

When looking for complete privacy and safety, privacy fences remain the most popular option. Depending on the design, full panels can be installed vertically or horizontally. There are several styles available, including transitional fencing which combines privacy panels on the bottom with pickets on top. This particular style still provides full privacy, but additionally provides the iconic appearance of a picket fence. Classic white is our most popular color, but other colors are available as well. There are many options available from our Methuen, MA fence company, so you will be sure to discover the perfect style for your yard. 

Semi-private Fencing Options in Methuen, MA

Semi-privacy fencing offers the same benefits as full privacy fences when seen from the front. However, when viewed from the side you can look through the fence. This style of fence is purposely designed this way to provide airflow, allowing the fence to be even more durable and able to withstand high winds. Vinyl fencing holds up well to harsh weather and high winds when properly installed, but if you need the extra protection that increased airflow provides, semi-privacy may be just right for you. 

Picket Fencing Styles in Methuen, MA

One of the most popular, iconic designs is the picket fence. This classic option will add beauty to your property while providing a clear boundary as well. We offer several styles that vary in picket width, height, and shape. Additionally, pickets are available in straight or scalloped formations. Our picket fences come in classic white or sand. All of these options give you the ability to fully customize your picket fence. 

Ready to Build a Custom Fence with an Expert Massachusetts Residential Fencing Company? 

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