There are all different sizes of fencing to fill every individual’s needs. From the smaller picket fencing to semi-privacy fencing, to full privacy fencing, there is an opportunity for everyone. Semi-privacy, however, seems to be the perfect fit for many since it is the perfect middle ground between picket and privacy fencing. There are many advantages of semi-privacy fences, so let’s look at some of these major benefits.


Privacy fencing is typically done with the panels so close together that it is difficult to see through without being right next to the fence. The little bit of space allows light into the yard. A semi-privacy fence is great for smaller yards because with a smaller yard you might feel trapped or closed in with a privacy fence. A semi-privacy fence allows for the yard to feel a bit more open.


One of the biggest benefits of a semi-privacy fence is the airflow. This style of a fence has small gaps so that the air can flow better than with a privacy fence. This allows for great ventilation while maintaining the protection of the yard.


The biggest factor involved in privacy fencing is the fact that it indeed makes people feel safer. Semi-privacy fences help to protect from outsider’s eyes peering into your yard. They also maintain an open yard feel that privacy fences do not allow for, so they really are the best of both worlds.

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