When embarking on a new fence project, you might be surprised by the number of decisions that have to be made. Among the crucial aspects of a well-planned fence is ensuring you have the appropriate number and type of gates. Choosing the right number of gates, along with their placement and style, can be a bit challenging, so we’ve put together this straightforward guide to assist you in planning your next Massachusetts residential fencing project.

Varieties of Fence Gates from a Leading Massachusetts Fence Company

When deciding on the quantity and style of gates, it’s essential to consider the materials you’ll be using. Ideally, your gates should seamlessly blend with the overall fence. Hulme Fence offers a range of gate styles that harmonize with your project, whether you’re considering a vinyl fence, aluminum fence, wood fence, or chain link fence.

Here are some gate options to contemplate for your upcoming fence installation:

Single/Standard Gates: These single-door gates feature a swinging door and comfortably accommodate one person. They typically match the fence’s height and offer customization options like arched tops, latticework, or arbors. To prevent warping or sagging, it’s crucial to reinforce single-door gates. Careful placement of the latch system ensures smooth entry and exit.

Double Gates: When you need access for larger items such as lawnmowers or recreational vehicles, double gates are a practical choice. These gates can span from 10 to 16 feet wide to suit specific needs.

Drive Gates: For residential properties, a driveway gate creates an impressive entrance. Commercial properties seeking secure access points benefit from drive gates, enhancing employee and asset safety. Whether you’re looking for a drive gate for your Massachusetts residential fencing or commercial fencing project, we can point you in the right direction. 

Pool Gates: Safety is paramount when installing a fence, especially around pools. Many regulations govern pool fences and gates, and Hulme Fence, your knowledgeable Massachusetts fence company, ensures strict compliance. Rest assured that your gate will meet or exceed code requirements.

Considering Property Size and Fence Location

The size of your property and fence location play crucial roles in your gate planning. Smaller lots may need just one gate, while two or more gates might be necessary for larger yards to create convenient access from multiple points. Additionally, think about the purpose of your Massachusetts residential fencing. If it marks a boundary or runs along the backyard’s rear edge, a gate might not be necessary. However, if you have children playing in your yard, having a gate can be handy for retrieving stray sports equipment and toys.

Factors for Residential and Commercial Properties

The size and number of gates you will need depend on the type of property you intend to fence. Methuen, Massachusetts residential fencing projects may require entry points for personal vehicles, lawn care equipment, or recreational vehicles.

A driveway gate should offer straightforward access for you, your family, or guests while ensuring unauthorized vehicles stay out. Opting for a gate with secure access is a wise choice. Additionally, consider a dual-opening gate depending on your home’s size and location. Hulme Fence provides various custom and automated gate systems.

Commercial property owners have distinct requirements, often needing multiple gates for customers, employees, freight entry, or security fencing. Warehouses and delivery zones may require separation from employee and customer parking areas. Employee parking might differ from customer parking, and freight entry might necessitate a separate access point. As a top-rated Methuen, Massachusetts fence company, we possess extensive experience in helping clients choose the ideal fence and gate solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Your Top Massachusetts Fence Company is Here to Help With Your Fence and Gate Needs

Hulme Fence is a trusted Massachusetts fence company, and we are here to guide you through every project. Gate designs are as varied as fence designs, and we can help you plan the perfect fence for your property, whether you are looking for Massachusetts residential fencing or commercial fencing. We can’t wait to show you superior customer service and attention, so call us at (978) 258-3915 or contact us online today!