When it comes to creating a safe, secure, and attractive border for various types of properties, a wood fence has been a popular choice amongst homeowners and property owners for centuries. From private enclosures used on farms to protect livestock to beautifying public parks with their natural appearance or creating a safe and private outdoor area for the family, these durable fences have been used in many places throughout history. 

In this article, Hulme Fence, an expert Massachusetts fence company, will take you back in time and show you why wood fencing has been and remains one of the most popular fence types for many applications. 

Where Did the Idea For Wood Fencing Come From?

While there is no exact date for when these fences first began appearing, it is clear that they have a long and fascinating history. The earliest example of the utilization of fencing dates back to ancient Egypt, where they were used to create a secure border around specific properties in order to prevent outsiders from entering. These wooden enclosures were typically made from mud brick and featured an ornamental stone border around the perimeter. They were often used to protect palaces and other important buildings that housed various dignitaries from unwanted intruders. 

Fences were also prevalent in another part of the world – ancient Greece. Here, fences were made from stone or timber and decorated with intricate carvings. Later, the Romans built fences that were made from marble and decorated with beautifully detailed artwork. These fences weren’t just used to keep people out, but they were used to define public areas and also as a focal point to mark private estates of the wealthy in the area. 

The Evolution of the Wood Fence

The wood fence as we know it today dates back to the 15th century in Europe. Families of great wealth began constructing tall wood fences around their homes and properties as a way to keep out unwanted visitors and protect their belongings. These fences, sometimes referred to as “hedge fences,” were made from thick timber posts to provide security and often included intricate designs carved into them to add an extra display of beauty. 

The popularity of wood fencing spread across Europe during the 17th century. Wood fences started to become a common feature of the landscape, used to establish boundary lines between properties and create safe, enclosed outdoor spaces for the public. Often, these wooden fences had decorations such as metal bars and gates to increase privacy and security. 

Massachusetts Fence Company Offers Modern Methuen, MA Wood Fence Options!

Thanks to the versatility and sturdiness of wood fencing and the innovation and design prowess of those in the fencing industry, a wood fence is still a very popular choice and widely used today. The majority of wood fencing is now installed in a residential capacity. However, that does not take away from the benefits of an attractive wood fence to any business or commercial property. 

At Massachusetts fence company Hulme Fence, we understand that the affordability and versatility of a traditional wood fence make this a very practical option for home and business owners alike. Our durable cedar fences are professionally installed, using high-quality materials like Postmaster posts, offering a solid framework for a strong fence that can stand up against the Massachusetts elements and one that provides elevated curb appeal. Take a look at some of our favorite wood fence projects on our Pinterest page and see why we remain a top choice among Massachusetts residents.   

Wood Fences Are Here to Stay!

Loved for many reasons, wood fences have a long and fascinating history. The wood fence has been with us for centuries and will continue to be used far into the future. From their humble beginnings in ancient Egypt to their continuing popularity in the modern day, these wooden structures have been a beloved feature in our landscape, helping to keep us secure and giving us a sense of privacy and security.

Are you Ready to Install a Beautiful Methuen, MA Wood Fence?

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