Now that the weather is getting nicer, you and your family will likely want to start spending more time outdoors. However, before you can really enjoy springtime in Massachusetts, make sure your fence is in good condition. Spring is the perfect time to inspect any damage that occurred during the winter so you are ready for the season.

Whether you have aluminum, wood, vinyl or chain-link fencing on your property, here are some general tips on fence repair and maintenance to keep in mind:

Inspect Your Fence for Debris

You do not need high winds for branches, leaves and other matter to get stuck in your fence. For many homeowners, trees can be especially problematic, as they can drop leaves and branches that can create problems.

At first, debris may not seem like a big deal, but it can lead to further damage down the line. Some potential hazards can include:

  • Shelter for bugs and other unwanted critters
  • Physical damage to the fence from impact
  • Water pooling, which can wear down the foundation

Not only is it practical to keep your fence free from any obstacles, but it will look so much more beautiful as a result. You will never be the envy of the block with a dirty fence.

Check Gate Hinges

Winter in Massachusetts can be damaging to any metal left outdoors. While outdoor products like fencing are usually powder-coated to protect the surface, that coating can wear off over time. Gate hinges are especially susceptible to problems because they rely on lubrication to work correctly.

Check for any squeaks that the gate may be making, and inspect the hinge carefully. Look for rust, debris and any signs of extensive wear and tear. If your fence is older, it may be time to replace the hinges altogether.

Look for Rot in Wooden Fences

Although a wooden fence is perfect for creating a quintessential American neighborhood feel, the material can break down much faster than metal or vinyl fences. Even with protective sealants and paints, winter can lead to rot and other damage. The sooner you are able to find a rotted piece and replace it, the less stress it will cause. Left unchecked, the damage will only spread and become more of a hazard.

Check Your Fence Posts

The strength of your fence is in its foundation – the fence posts. As snow melts and the ground becomes softer, these posts will settle and shift. Spring is the right time to inspect them, as loose soil will be most noticeable then.

When checking your posts, Do not put too much pressure on them so you do not create problems because you were too enthusiastic in your efforts. If the post wobbles and sways with minimal pulling, then it is time to fix it. Usually, packing more dirt at the base can be a quick fix. But, you may need to add something sturdier, like concrete in some instances.

Clean and Coat Your Fence

No matter what kind of fencing you have around your property, chances are that it will need a good cleaning after winter. Not only will washing the fence make it look better, but it can also have some additional practical benefits, such as:

  • Avoid Rust – Metal fencing will start to rust if not taken care of properly. Cleaning also gives you a chance to inspect every inch of the fence.
  • Maintain Color – Over time, the color of your paint or vinyl will start to fade. Keeping the surface clean and adding a protective sealant will ensure that you get more mileage from it.
  • Prevent Infestations – Insects are always trying to burrow into your wooden fence, so keep them at bay with a consistent cleaning schedule.

Call Hulme Fence Today

Most of these spring fence maintenance tips can be handled personally, but when winter has done extensive damage to your property, it is time to call in the pros. At Hulme Fence, we are certified dealers of aluminum and vinyl fencing. Best of all, we offer a lifetime guarantee on our fences so that you can feel confident having one around your property.

Whether it is routine care and maintenance or you need to replace an older fence, we are here to help. We can also install everything for you or sell the parts so you can do it yourself. Enjoy spring in Massachusetts with a Hulme fence.