Vinyl fencing is a better choice compared to other residential fence materials. This non-toxic material is perfect if you have kids and pets at home. It won’t splinter or expose sharp metal pieces. Learn how vinyl fencing will keep your family safe!

Your Family is Better Off with Non-Toxic Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fencing is non-toxic and is manufactured without using harmful chemicals. This is one of the reasons why vinyl residential fences are ideal, especially when you have kids and pets playing outside. Chemically treated fences are not a good fit for a family yard because kids and dogs will eventually make contact with the fence. Beyond that, a chemically treated fence is likely to release toxins when baking in the hot sun. You can avoid these concerns by installing vinyl fencing instead of wood or other fences.

Pure water is the only cleaner you’ll need

Another perk is that vinyl fencing is easy to clean and you will not need to use any chemical products. Rinsing with pure water is enough to keep your vinyl fence clean, so there’s no need to handle harsh cleaners.

You can also forget about the extra chore of repainting your fence! Since vinyl fences are colored with built-in powder coatings, the color will remain in like-new condition.

Vinyl fencing is fire resistant

Vinyl fences are fire-resistant. They do not easily ignite and are considered to be self-extinguishing. In testing that was conducted by ASTM, vinyl samples were tested for flammability. ASTM found that polyvinyl chloride (PVC) does not burn easily and if lit, the flame quickly goes out. Vinyl fencing is safer than a wooden fence and offers peace of mind to the head of the household.

Protect Your Kids and Pets from Injury

Building a fence around your home provides obvious security benefits for your family. The most common reason is to keep kids and pets safely in your yard while keeping uninvited guests out. Beyond security, though, vinyl is a safer option than other types of fences because it’s not easy to get injured on this smooth fencing material.

Splinters are a thing of the past

With the use of vinyl fencing, families no longer have to worry about children or pets being harmed by unexpected splinters from their fences. Vinyl does not produce splinters and therefore makes it one of the safest options for homes. Even if you prefer the look of wooden fences, you can choose a vinyl fence that mimics wood grain thanks to the gorgeous ActiveYards Cambium line of residential fences.

No screws, rails, or nails

Top-of-the-line vinyl fences are specifically engineered to stand strong without needing screws, rails, or nails. Wood and certain types of metal fences eventually deteriorate and can expose your family to rusty nails and sharp metal pieces. This is how injuries happen. Rusty metal carries the risk of your child or pet contracting tetanus, a dangerous and potentially fatal infection. Vinyl maintains its stability and structure without the risk of protruding nails or other harmful materials.

Privacy or Visibility – Buy a Fence that Serves A Purpose

Are you building a fence to provide privacy around your backyard? Or do you need to secure your pool but still have a clear view from your porch? Whether you want more privacy or need to maintain visibility, buy a vinyl fence that serves your purpose!

Have privacy in your backyard

You might not like the idea of neighbors and commuters having the ability to see into your yard. If you want to block people from watching your family, a tall, closed-gap fence is the right choice. The amount of privacy offered by a vinyl fence is entirely up to the homeowners. For maximum backyard privacy, a 6-foot high, fully closed fence is a great way to go. to as little as a 4-foot picket fence.

Maximize visibility where it matters most

There are some areas of your yard where you need to maximize visibility. Around the pool, for example, is one place you might want a fence that’s easy to see through. If you’re building a pool fence, look for a style with wider gaps in the rails. Pool fences must comply with municipal pool codes as far as height and gate locks go, but you’re free to choose wider-spaced rails so you can keep a watchful eye on swimmers.

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