Choosing when to have a fence installed in Methuen, Massachusetts may not be an easy question, but it can be! Whenever you need a new fence, it can be as simple as calling your local fence company to find out what their schedule is. Winter is a great time to have a fence installed, believe it or not, and we’ll tell you why.

5 Reasons Winter is Great for Fence Installation in Methuen, Massachusetts

If you’ve heard that winter is a bad time to install a fence at your Methuen property, check this out! While there can certainly be some challenges during winter months in Massachusetts, there are a lot of great reasons it could possibly be the best idea you’ve had all year. 

Save Time and Money on your Fence in MA

For fence contractors in Methuen, Massachusetts, winter is usually a slower season, which means you might be able to purchase fence materials at a lesser price or even save money by reducing shipment delays and shipping costs due to decreased demand. There’s no way to know for sure until you ask, but it’s always worth checking with your Methuen MA fence contractor if there are options to save money while still meeting your needs.

Faster Fence Installation Scheduling for MA

Methuen, Massachusetts, residents may have to wait a few weeks or maybe a few months to have a fence installed. How long it will take for your fence to be installed depends on the fence company’s schedule and the number of projects they have planned before yours. Most homeowners don’t take time to think about renovating their outdoor yard during the winter months, when they’re spending most of their time inside. Make the most of the cold months by planning ahead! Having your fence built before the nice spring days will allow you to enjoy your entire yard and landscaping as soon as the weather changes.

Winter in Methuen, Massachusetts is a great time to cut down on the time it takes to go through the permitting process. Inquire with your local municipality about the permitting processes, or give our experienced team at Hulme Fence a call. Permits may be processed more quickly during the slower construction seasons since there are less people applying for them.

Replace an Old, Damaged Fence in Massachusetts

Fences may be restored or replaced in the winter, if they’re old and deteriorated and have too many holes for your pets or children to play safely or are simply an eyesore. Whichever option you choose, don’t put off starting your new fence project! During the winter months in Methuen, Massachusetts, installing a fence will be completed before anybody else has even started planning theirs. Renewing and refreshing your property fence should not be put off when you’re ready.

Protect your Landscaping at your Methuen MA Home

It’s possible to dig your yard for a fence or other improvements in Methuen, Massachusetts when the winter hits without harming your nice green landscaping, since your plants go dormant. A great method to get your yard ready for the spring blossoms is to work on it during the winter months when plants are not growing. Installing a fence now will ensure that you’ll be ready to plant more trees and shrubs as soon as the weather warms up.

Be Prepared for Entertaining in Methuen, Massachusetts

Fences in Methuen, Massachusetts may be installed over the winter months so that you can enjoy all of your outdoor activities in summer. It will be possible to enjoy the completed area with friends and family, as soon as the weather warms. If you’re holding a holiday party or celebration in your backyard, you don’t want to wait for landscaping and ground to settle before doing so. To avoid future hassles, plan ahead and have your fence installed in the winter.

Fence Maintenance During Winter in Methuen, Massachusetts

If you live in Methuen, Massachusetts, during the winter months, you need to know how best to maintain your fence in order to keep it safe from snow and ice. With wood fences, maintenance begins before winter hits with sealing them and making sure they are secure. For aluminum fences or chain link fences, no real maintenance is needed, and the strength of the metal holds up very well to the winter cold. Vinyl fences, though very durable, can become a little more susceptible to cracking due to brittleness that can develop in extreme cases. Snow piling up against a vinyl fence should be avoided if you want to prolong the life of your fence’s vinyl finish. Snow should be blown away from your fence as much as possible to avoid any unwanted strain.

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