Being a homeowner is similar to being an investor. Even though you might plan to live in your house for decades, you will likely want to consider its resale value down the line. While some elements that impact property values are out of your control (i.e., neighborhood improvements), there are plenty of ways to increase your home’s cost assessment.

Fencing can be a good investment. Although there are many variables in play, the right fence can increase curb appeal, which can add money to the final asking price. Whether you’re looking to sell soon or just want to improve your property’s look, here’s what you should know about fencing options.

Why Do You Want a Fence?

First and foremost, you have to determine the reason behind building a fence. Keeping pets and children from wandering off, seeking privacy from neighbors and pool safety are all excellent examples of reasons for wanting a fence.

Fences can be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. By deciding the purpose of the fence, you can work backward to determine all of the other elements, such as materials, size, and design.

When it comes to increasing the property value of your home, the reason behind the fence can influence how much it will impact your asking price. For example, many homebuyers want a fence to keep their dogs from getting into a neighbor’s yard. Anticipating the needs of potential buyers can increase the value even further.

The Basics of Installing a Fence

Once you determine the purpose of the new fence installation, you have to figure out how much it will cost. Several variables can influence the final price, including:

–       Fence length and height.

–       Materials used.

–       Environmental costs.

Here is a breakdown of the variables that are involved with building a new fence on your property:

Fence Length and Height

The more acreage you have around your home, the more fencing you may need. However, if you’re planning on sectioning off a smaller area of the property, such as a garden or pool, the total length will be much shorter.

At Hulme Fencing, we can inspect your property to get an accurate estimate of the total length. We can also verify your boundary lines so that you don’t build on your neighbor’s land by accident. We do recommend notifying your neighbors before starting construction, as fence installation can be somewhat disruptive in urban and suburban communities.

Privacy fences will usually be around eight to nine feet tall, while other fencing options can be much shorter. For example, if you want a decorative picket fence, the posts can be roughly four to five feet tall. A simple beam and post fence can be even shorter if you’re only trying to mark property lines.

Fence Material

There are so many options available that choosing one can seem a bit overwhelming. Here is a quick breakdown of the different materials we offer for our Methuen clients, as well as the average cost per foot.

Wood – $10 to $20 per foot

Wood fences are ideal in most situations because they look good and offer excellent privacy options. Wood is also highly flexible, as you can build different designs for various purposes. This material is also desirable because it’s both rugged yet cost-effective. Finally, you can paint wood easily, which gives you more options regarding how it looks.

Vinyl Fencing – $20 to $25 per foot

One problem with wood is that it can rot over time. Vinyl fences provide the same aesthetic as wood without the normal wear and tear. In most cases, you can replicate the look of wood grain, so you can have the best of both worlds. Because Methuen weather can wear down wood quickly, vinyl is often a better choice for long-term reliability.

Aluminum – $20 to $30 per foot

If you have a pool, you need to install aluminum fencing. This material is both rugged and lightweight and adds a sense of class and style to your property. Also, it holds up better when exposed to chlorinated water, and it requires less maintenance overall.

Environmental Factors

Ideally, your property is all flat terrain with grass and soil wherever the fence needs to go. However, the reality is often messier, which can lead to complications during the installation process. For example, if a tree is on the border of your property, it may need to be trimmed or removed. If there are rocks embedded in the ground, installation can be disrupted. Regardless of the obstacle, we can figure out a solution. During our initial assessment, we’ll be sure to include these components in our estimate.

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