Why Wood Fencing is Right For Your Home – Hulme Fence

When trying to decide what kind of fencing to put on your property, it’s easy to get a little overwhelmed by the variety of materials and designs. However, one of the most versatile and economical choices is wood. In the U.S., wood fences are the top preference, with Americans laying thousands of miles of it every year. 

Pros and Cons of Wood Fences

In this article, we want to dive deep into the world of wood fencing. Methuen, Massachusetts residents should give us a call for a consultation and site visit so we can recommend the best options for their property. 

No matter where you want to place your fence – around the yard, bordering a pool, or as a decorative addition – it’s going to be a semi-permanent addition. For that reason, you want to weigh the advantages and disadvantages before forging ahead. At Hulme Fencing, we’ve built plenty of wood fences over the years, and this is what we’ve found. 

Low-Cost Installation

Compared to some other fencing types, such as stone and metal, wood is remarkably affordable. You can put a wooden fence around your whole property for a few hundred bucks, while a metal fence of the same size could be over a thousand dollars. 

However, while wood fencing is relatively cheap, it does come with added maintenance costs. Metal and vinyl fences can withstand the Massachusetts weather for years with minimal upkeep. A wood fence, however, can rot or break down faster. In many cases, you’ll have to replace posts and pickets every few years. 

While there are methods you can use to mitigate the wear and tear of a wood fence – such as staining and painting, wood doesn’t last as long as other materials. 

Versatile Patterns and Designs

One of the top reasons so many homeowners choose wood for fencing is because it can be shaped for a wide variety of spaces. Here is a quick breakdown of the types of wood fencing we can install for you. 

-Picket Fence –

The quintessential image of the American home. Pickets are typically pointed to discourage climbers and to shed rain. However, your posts can be shaped however you like. 

-Lattice –

This fencing has a crisscross design, which makes it a bit more visually stunning. Gardens are an excellent place for a lattice fence, particularly if you have any vine-growing plants. Lattice fences allow air to flow through while also maintaining privacy. 

-Vertical Board –

If you want to keep out neighbors or pests, a vertical-board fence is the best option. The boards are usually overlapped to eliminate spaces between. The downside, however, is that the wind is also blocked out, which can be bad during the summer. 

-Louver –

This type of wood fencing is a better option than vertical boards because the slats are angled to allow airflow. That does mean outsiders can look in from the side, but front-views are impossible. 

-Post and Rail –

Typically, a post and rail fence is ideal for marking property borders or keeping in animals. They don’t offer much privacy or security, but they are particularly easy to install. 

Another benefit of wood fences is that you can mix and match your design. In one section, you can have a regular picket fence, while switching to vertical boards in another area of the yard. There are no rules, so choose whatever looks and fits best. 

Easy to Update and Repair

When it comes to installing a new wood fence, we can handle the hard work of cutting, sizing, and nailing the pieces together. However, as far as general upkeep, most homeowners can do many repairs and upgrades themselves. 

The most common DIY fencing options include:

  • Painting – A fresh coat of paint can transform the look and feel of a wooden fence. 
  • Staining – If you like the natural look of wood, you can preserve it better with an all-purpose stain. 
  • Smoothing – Over time, the wood can split and create splinters. Take some sandpaper and smooth out those rough edges for a safer and more reliable fence. Just remember to stain or paint back over it once you’re finished. 
  • Picket Replacement – If your fence is mostly rotten, you’ll want to call us for extensive repairs. However, if it’s just one or two pickets that need to be swapped, it can be easy to do by yourself. 

Bottom Line: A Wood Fence is a Smart Move

At Hulme Fence, we can make your wooden fence dreams a reality. We offer a variety of wood types that will both look incredible and last for years to come. Call us for a consultation and site visit today. Whether you want to install a brand-new fence or update your old one, we’re always ready to help. We also specialize in other materials like vinyl or metal if you want to incorporate those elements as well.