Style-conscious Methuen homeowners know that curb appeal begins with the right fence. More and more, homeowners are turning toward vinyl fences to provide beauty, privacy and security to their home. Vinyl fences are less expensive, require less maintenance and last longer than just about any other fence building material. 

Better still, they can also be ordered in a wide variety of colors, textures, styles and finishes. Some of these options even give the appearance of classic fencing choices like panel or wrought iron fencing, too. Picking the right one for your home can be challenging given the hundreds of options available, but our experts here at Hulme Fence have created this handy guide to the most popular vinyl fence styles. Read on to find the perfect fence for your home.

Picket Fences

The all-American classic style, picket fences are what most homeowners envision when they are considering fencing for their home. Picket fences are medium to low height (about three feet) with fence posts spaced about six to eight feet apart. In between those posts are slats of wood (pickets) spaced a few inches apart. There are hundreds of styles of picket fence to choose from, but the most popular styles range from the classic to contemporary. Here is a quick overview: 

Dog Ear

For a classic visual appeal, dog ear picket fences feature gentle concave arcs between fence posts by varying the lengths of the pickets. This creates a more vintage look for your property, and is suitable for both classic homes and contemporary properties as well. Homeowners tend to choose this style for their front yard because it doesn’t obscure the view, and it has an appealing aesthetic for almost any type of home. 

Flat Top

A more modern take on the classic picket fence, the flat top picket fence often has caps for each post to create a more distinctive visual impression. Alternating the width of the pickets is a common practice too, and the length of pickets is clearly delineated by a top and bottom rail. This style is more popular with homeowners in Methuen whose residence is a more recent construction. Of course, no one is limited in their fence selection by the architecture of their home, and flat top picket fences can be suitably matched to classic aesthetics depending on style and color.

Split Rail Picket

Combining the best of two worlds, split rail picket fences use elements of agricultural style fence to give a unique appearance to picket fences. Pickets are still spaced closely, but instead of a top and bottom bars, they are retained by two horizontal fence rails like wooden fencing around a cattle ranch. 

To reinforce this western aesthetic, pickets are often slightly shorter than fence posts. This mirrors how split rails on cattle fences are set below the tops of fence posts, creating a unique look that is sure to draw compliments and admiration.

Privacy Fences

Methuen residents tend to choose vinyl privacy fences for their backyard and keep a picket fence up front. Privacy fences are also the best option for allowing pets to run free in your backyard without the risk of them getting out. The key difference between these two types of fence is using panels instead of pickets. 

Large panels are assembled using vertical slats and cross rails before being slotted in between fence posts eight feet apart. Privacy fences are specifically designed to keep outsiders from looking in on private areas of your property, and to keep anyone from easily gaining access to the rear of your home.

Naturally, no one wants to put up a plain vinyl wall around their yard, so there are hundreds of styles and colors to choose from. Here are the most popular options among Massachusetts homeowners:

Rounded Lattice Top

Above the standard privacy fence panels, rounded lattice top fences have gentle arcs of cross-hatched latticework stretching between the fence posts. It’s a classic look that’s beautiful surrounding a farmhouse or a modern home in the suburbs. More importantly, it partially eliminates the obstruction of your view that comes with installing a privacy fence.

Lattice Flat Top

Rather than using arcs of lattice work, the flat top has square panels that run the full length between fence posts. It has similar advantages to the rounded lattice top, but it restricts the view slightly more and is better suited to contemporary construction homes.

Picket-Style Privacy Fence

This hybrid style uses privacy panels that are ventilated, allowing more airflow through your backyard. Additionally, the spaces between slats in the privacy panel are small enough that your privacy isn’t compromised unless someone is standing right next to the fence. It’s also an elegant complement to any picket fence in your front yard, and many homeowners choose similar styles for new installations.

Do you need a picket fence or privacy fence for your home? Hulme Fence is the first choice among Methuen homeowners for new vinyl fence installations and fence replacement. Contact us today for more information about a new vinyl fence for your home.