Adding a privacy fence to your Methuen Massachusetts property increases its value and provides you with added security, too. At first glance, installing a fence is a project that can be a bit of an intimidating investment in both time and money, and both are determined by whether you are hiring a contractor or taking the DIY route. 

Total cost also depends on which type of fence material you use and the area you are fencing off, but there are many other considerations you need to make in advance, too. Here are a few points to know if you plan on installing a privacy fence at your Methuen residential property. 

Know Your Actual Property Lines, Local Fence Regulations and Building Codes

Most cities, townships and other municipalities have strict codes enforcing fence building even on private property.  If you are building a privacy fence because you have a swimming pool on the property, there may also be specific requirements for that fence, too. You may also need to apply for a building permit and have it approved before you can begin work. 

Additionally, your first call after your permit is approved should be to your local utility companies. Any buried cables or electrical lines need to be clearly marked before you begin digging. Hiring a contractor simplifies this process significantly, and they can advise you about property-specific installation issues that may come up during the project. 

Finally, your property line should be verified so that your fence is installed within the legal boundaries of your residence. Fence installation companies also come in handy with this process since they can pull the Methuen Massachusetts public records and ensure your fence ends up on your property and not your neighbor’s. Do your research first. There is no reason to get tangled up in an easily avoidable legal dispute.

Know how a Privacy Fence Might Affect Your Neighbors

Discuss your fencing project with your neighbors before you start marking off utility and property lines. It is a good idea to stake off your property boundaries according to the plot plan from your municipality. Keep in mind that not every residential property has perfectly rectangular lines, and your stakes may not follow straight lines all around the property. For this consideration, it is helpful to have a contractor working for you, as contractors are experienced at laying out even, level properly line stakes that protect you and your neighbors from any legal dispute.

Finally, as part of your discussion with your neighbors, you need to inform them of the fence heights along their shared boundaries. If you are installing a high fence, you want to ensure it is not going to interfere with any desirable views from their home. You have a right to your privacy, but being considerate of how your fence height affects your neighbors is important, too. Should one of your neighbors object, you can vary the fence height in different places as needed.  

Know Your Maintenance Cost

Wooden fences are beautiful and attractive, but many have finishes that need to be renewed periodically to prevent premature aging and damage. Additionally, if you intend to paint your fence, it will need repainting from time to time. Certain fence materials have significantly lower maintenance costs, so you want to give some thought to the type of fencing you install. 

Knowing your maintenance cost in advance is essential to getting the right fence for your home. Experienced contractors usually do a lot of fence repair and maintenance as well, and they can advise you about the maintenance cost of your choice in materials, too.

Know Which Fence Material is Best for Your Needs

There are many fence-building materials available in thousands of finishes and colors. Choosing the right one for your home can seem daunting, and it is helpful to have advice from an experienced installation company so that you get the maximum lifespan out of your privacy fence. 

Aluminum and vinyl fences both provide excellent value and do not require periodic refinishing or refurbishment. Moreover, they can provide both sound dampening and visual privacy at an affordable cost. Ultimately you want to choose the fence that suits the visual design you have for your home in Methuen Massachusetts, but do not overlook materials because you do not think they will fit your home’s aesthetic. You may be surprised when choosing materials with your contractor just how many options you have for inexpensive and durable fence materials. 

Know how The Local Climate will Affect Your Fence

The weather in Massachusetts can be tough on all kinds of building materials regardless of their type or finish. It also tends to be hard on your fence posts as the annual cycle of freezing, thawing and rainfall causes ground shifting over time. A professionally installed fence using 

high-quality aluminum or vinyl fencing is far less susceptible to weather damage and ground shift, making it a great choice for the Methuen Massachusetts climate. Moreover, if the work has a warranty, any ground shifting or problems with the installation are covered. 

Know the Size and Number of Gates and Removable Panels You Will Need 

Most homeowners install at least two gates when they put in a privacy fence. Depending on the size of the property and how you can access it, you may also want to consider installing a removable fence panel so that you can drive large vehicles in and out of your yard as needed. This feature is also popular with RV owners who need to park their vehicles on their property. 

Final Thoughts

Getting the perfect privacy fence installed on your property is just a matter of patient planning and well-advised choices. If you are considering a privacy fence for your home in the Methuen Massachusetts area, contact the experts at Hulme Fence. We have the professional expertise and highly experienced staff you need to install a privacy fence that lasts a lifetime. Contact us today to learn more or schedule an appointment.